RESPEKT iz everything!!! Don't kill this bug, cuz i ain't gonna QI u!

Miresevini tek faqja e cool_dancerit!!!

Welcome - and fa shizzle check urself in da mirror!! (if u're not able to understand this websajt, then u need an alboglish dictionary, if u wanna order, call me @ 1-800-azzville, mos prito nese sje rrospidhi.)

My moto: Njeriu i menqur mendon cka thot, trullani thot cka mendon!

Here's my lil bio: According to my parents ( I don't think they lie), I was named Driton, generated with people of 1982. But according to my friends of Department of Crazy People, I was middle named Tony. Originally nga Prishtina e Plisave. But living around the world. I was born to dance and give fantazma dhipave dhe pidhirucave te botes (mostly shqipet). They (friends) call me, cool dancer, cuz i have been dancing since i was into my mom's tummy 3 months before i was born!!!

I love partying (mostly with glamorous people, u go girl, GO Miss Hawaiian Tropicana), dancing, clubbing, drivin'gurlscrazy, kissin'ladies'mouths, and mu ba mqit me iq.

Life is short, so qije the good life, do sumthin' crazy, today or neva, be yourself, don't imitate people, just don't give up till the last breath of your life! 

It's true that no1 is purrfect!!                                                                          -You claim to be buff, but fa shizzle u're karless.                                             -You claim to be mangup, but fa shizzle u're scared to be on the plane, cuz before to go the the ladies restroom give a turning signal to the left, qe te bjen anija kozmike ne koke e qyrrat per muri ti perplas.                                                -You claim to be hot, but u're afraid to approach a real hot albanian chicks, so God made Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve!!                                                       -You claim to be kuller, but u ain't nothing just a piece of the (beep)iest, (beep)ing, (beep)ed mut, wit a fake sunglasses on the twins of it's own bumped head. Every1 knows that u can't c the bumps on the road, when u're a kuller.           

Hej a din cka? my mouth never stops from manufacturing blah blah blahs, cuz ya know ky pin birra te alkoholit, dhe bira te femaleve pa marr paraqysh moshen apo fytyren.  

Tony: blah, blah, blah, while doing this websajt, listening to the Beyoncee's "baby boy"...


because_it's_hot_in_therre so_u_need_to_order_birrė tė_pejes_and_u're_enjoying every_minute_of_your_life in_Prishtina_City!!!

If_u_hate_Pr_City_u_can sak_maj_kar_if_u_llajk_Pr City_u_ken_qi_maj_kar_, deal?_Not_yet_,_hala_skam ba_kaskavall_tė_nxeht!


because_u_get_the_freedom of_your_life_and_the_best country_in_the_world_is United_States_of_America according_to_the_people_of the_world!!!_Go_USA_kick Europe's_bythen

Be_careful_dude_it's_true_ that_the_craziest_gurls_are from_USA!!!_But_Albanian gurls_are_much_hotter. Go_gurls_party_till_the moon_leaves_the_world!!!

I_luv_to_love_girls_cuz_they are_so_sweet_comma_I_ mean_sexy_chicks.

Cka doni me rras?:

life is sweet in Prishtina,  it's cool to live in Kosova, the sexiest girls are in Amerika(3 pikėquditje)